The Team at Field Gemologist International

the field gemologist international team members

Field Gemologist International was founded by an experienced gemstone dealer that realized that fast-paced gem and jewelry companies were being left out of the many opportunities offered by the international gemstone market due to lack of practical knowledge on how to source gems in international markets.

As a consequence, a network of gem professionals was organized to serve these companies. Field Gemologist International currently works with highly experienced multi-lingual gem professionals living and working in various regional business centers throughout the world.

Almost all of our consultants hold Gemology degrees, and they are experienced importers and exporters of diamonds and/or colored gemstones.

Some also hold a Master’s Degree of Business Administration (MBA), and have experience importing and exporting many different commodities.

They have many years of business experience in the international gemstone market; serve a myriad of segments in the gemstone industry; speak many languages; understand the intricacies of breaking into international markets; and possess valuable contacts within many gem producing countries.